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About Bona Technologies Group of Companies

Bona Technologies Holdings Pte Ltd consists of a group of companies with vast experience in providing Information Technology (IT) Advertising and Marketing solutions.

We provide solutions for your business, such as marketing, strategic planning, approach to business direction, improving working processes, business solutions with the help of Information Technology, Software application and integration.

We pride ourselves as a provider of hi-tech solutions for our clients. Our expertise also consist of our in-depth knowledge of re-engineering processes and application tools as well as working with leading Multinationals and industry leaders on a wide range of platforms.

We believe in embracing changes and would continue to invent and reinvent processes and products for our clients.

Our commitment to our clients is such that we go through the requirements with them and to providing insights and leading them step by step to their fulfil their needs and requirements. It is for this reason that we have earned ourselves the reputation for quality, insightful, and reliable partners.

At Bona Technologies, we aim to provide the best service to our clients and such that working with us would be an experience. Our Customers, our Friends.

Our OpenERP Services
Bona Technologies is an official partner of OpenERP for the Singapore / APAC region with an off-shore development team in Vietnam. We offer a wide range of solutions and services that not only help companies improve operational efficiency but also significantly help companies achieve their goals. Through our years of researching viable solutions, ERP systems, and the markets we serve, we have found that OpenERP provides all the tools and credentials for businesses to be successful. As an official partner and certified consultants of OpenERP, we have the required expertise to help our clients break free from proprietary software models that are costly and slow to respond.

Bona Technologies uses the latest software development methodology of "Agile Software Development", which includes iterative development, close customer collaboration & providing frequent releases to the client. Using these latest development methodologies we ensure that the implementation procedure meets the needs of the customer.

We have vast experience in developing enterprise grade business applications and provide a consolidated service throughout the various phases of development of an enterprise solution including:

  • Business Process Analysis.
  • Fact Find & Requirements Gathering.
  • Architecture & Design.
  • System Development.
  • Implementation & Roll-out.
  • User Training (Functional & Technical).

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Grant Application for Advanced Solutions

GET PIC, iSPRINT GRANTS and more for your info-comm projects
Free Assessment for Approval on Case-by-Case

Your business can enjoy 400% tax deductions/ allowances and/or 60% cash payout for investment in innovation and productivity improvements under the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme. The tax benefits under PIC are availableon investment in any of these qualifying activities.

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Bona Technologies is a proud partner of OPENERP

With thousands of business applications, get all the features you need in one single solution.

Once you use OpenERP for one application, you get the flexibility to deploy new apps, launch new departments or integrate new activities in just a few clicks. No need to train users, to configure the system or to integrate with other applications.

The advantages of ERPs, without the disadvantages

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Bona Technologies Group of Companies
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sales@open-erp.sg(+65) 3157 5838 | (+65) 9062 1725 | (+65) 9047 0443 | (+65) 9488 7950 |
Suntec Tower Two, 9 Temasek Boulevard # 29-01, Singapore 038989